GRNOC Footprints Tools User Manual

IU GRNOC Software Engineering

            2711 E 10th Street
            Bloomington, IN


Table of Contents

1. Logging In
2. Public Ticket Viewer
Browsing Open Tickets
3. Notification Tool
Anatomy of A Notification
Targeted Notification lookup mechanism
Generating a Notification
Selecting the ticket(s)
Preview Notifications
Changing a Notification's recipient(s)
Setting Current Status (Unscheduled Outages only)
Sending Notifications
Notification History
Notification and Message IDs
Searching the notification history
Browsing the notification history
4. Maintenance Calendars
Selecting a calendar
5. Reporting Tool
6. Administrative Tool
Schema Configuration
Tools Configuration
Notification Tool Configuration
Calendar Tool Configuration
Public Ticket Viewer Configuration
Project Global Configurations
Reporting Tool Configurations

List of Figures

1.1. GRNOC FP Tools login screen shot
2.1. GRNOC Public Ticket Viewer